DWELL.com: “The Serdar Net Zero-Net Positive Micropolis® House”

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This modern, Net Zero-Net Positive house is a customized version of one of architect Arielle Condoret Schechter’s Micropolis® houses — a collection of small, modern, sustainable house plans she continues to design that can be purchased outright or customized to accommodate specific needs.

Her clients, Cheryl and Ken Serdar, loved the original 950-square-foot plan but needed a bit more space. So Schechter enlarged it to 2222 heated square feet to include a spacious, spa-like bathroom and a third bedroom that Cheryl could use for her office and jewelry-making studio.

Originally from Texas, the Serdars were very clear about what they wanted. They told Schechter that they wanted their new home in the Piedmont region of North Carolina to be “very modern, extremely green, and almost industrial.” … READ MORE 


THE MODERN SHELTER: “A professor’s retreat”

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A professor's retreat — The modern shelter 2018-03-24 22-19-40


WELIVV.com: “Professor’s House”

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Professor's House_pool.png

DWELL.com: “Modern, Passive, Net Zero Farmhouse”

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When the young Fleischauer family met with Chapel Hill architect Arielle Condoret Schechter, AIA, to discuss the new house they wanted her to design, they told her they wanted something “very, very simple…reminiscent of the vernacular tobacco barns and farm cottages of old North Carolina” that would complement their commitment to healthy living. They also wanted their new home to be very environmentally responsible and “soft modern” with an open floor plan.

Schechter didn’t blink. She knew just what to do… READ MORE


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Photo by Keith Isaacs


CHAPEL HILL NEWS: “New take on American cabin style home”

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American Cabin_1

By Sally Keeney

This modernist cabin, designed by architect Arielle Condoret Schechter, AIA, will begin rising out of the woods in Orange County near its Durham border in spring 2018. (Click on the link below to see PDFs of the entire article.)

American Cabin_1

American Cabin_2

BUSYBOO.com: “The Professor’s House…excels in everything it sets out to do.”

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modern age-in-place empty nest house

Photography by Keith Isaacs, Raleigh, NC

A Review by Peter Secan

The Professor’s House is just that: the professor’s house. It was designed for a prominent author and teacher of Native American studies after she lost her husband and was looking for something smaller, more maintainable, and contemporary. She certainly got it. The home was designed by Arielle Condoret Schechter, an architect based out of North Carolina, and embodies the spirit of the professor with efficient spatial planning, refined palette, and a keen eye for clean lines and tidy detail… READ MORE…

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