On the Boards: Breeze House and Rougemont Farmstead

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The Breeze House is a 900-square-foot, custom Micropolis House® designed for a very tight infill lot only a couple of miles from downtown Chapel Hill. The lot is steep so the building pad will sit on a small knoll, elevated above the adjacent street.

​Arielle and her clients walked the site last summer during the heat wave and were amazed, she said, that it felt at least 10 degrees cooler up on the knoll than on the surrounding properties.

“That’s due to the prevailing breezes from the south and southwest,” she explained, then smiled. “Discovering that was nothing less than magic.” Hence the name “Breeze House.”

Despite its diminutive size, the house will feel spacious thanks to the flood of ,natural light. And operable windows will ensure that the prevailing breezes are harnessed to flush hot air out whenever the owners feel the need.  

​ Another perk: “Smaller houses mean you can put your money into some special ‘goodies’,” Arielle noted. “The Breeze House’s ‘goodies’ will include a gourmet kitchen, orchid shelves, a small courtyard for cafe-style dining, and an outdoor patio for entertaining.”


Arielle’s client for the Rougemont Farmstead house is a transplant from Northern California who decided to move east and settle in central North Carolina. He found a large piece of farmland bordered by a creek — the perfect site for starting the farmstead he envisioned. Eventually, a new barn will become home to “Duke,” his beautiful horse.  

​Arielle’s design was inspired by the groupings of small outbuildings found on vernacular farms all over the North Carolina. For the new house on this farmstead, however, the feel, form, and space will be decidedly modern, filled with natural light. A screen porch will offer a panoramic view of the fields around it.

“And with its perfect southern exposure,” she added, “the roof will support a small solar array.”

Click here to see more renderings of Rougemont Farmstead.

Under Construction: The Lerner-Campbell Residence

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When these homeowners’ approached Arielle, they had grown tired of living with little privacy in their old neighborhood. They also wanted an exciting, “dramatic” interior.

The site they chose accommodates their desire for privacy while high ceilings and extensive glass will deliver plenty of internal drama in their new modern home.

Another imperative was a clear connection between indoors and outdoors. Arielle’s design provides that relationship through a massive curtain wall (floor-to-ceiling window) in the living room, a screen porch, a generously sized deck, and even a hot tub deck on a lower level.

​Another feature the homeowners will enjoy will be the main bath — “a spa and a retreat from the stress of the world,” Arielle said, adding, “We love designing special bathrooms that enhance our clients’ quality of life and enjoyment of their house.” 

To see more renderings of the Lerner-Campbell Residence, click here.

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